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we are a formal constituted company and member of the CRT (tequila regulator council) created with the pure objective of avoid our clients preoccupations and concerns in the supply of Tequila, is our responsibility to resolve and manage all of the unpleasant incidents that occur in many areas of this industry becoming in the eyes of our clients, in that way our clients will receive exactly what they are paying for.

tequila trade is a concept created by Tequilas Rancho Viejo, SA de CV, providing a complete and integral service in the selection of the crops of agave, the supervision on the distillation, the logistics on the bottling and shipping, in essence we guarantee that you will get exactly what you paid for and in the time that you require.

experience We have visited virtually every Tequila distillery and from generations we certainly know who is who in the Tequila Universe

cost efective working with low overheads means that the supplier’s costs are always proportionate to volume. All of the companies we work with have found it to be very cost effective. Given the size of the territory as well as the expense and time incurred for a company direct person to call on the market, few suppliers can manage the market effectively themselves and get an adequate return on their investment, simply we can do that ,more cheaply and effectively than most suppliers can themselves.

local representation We manage your production in the distilleries that we work with, from A to Z , additionally we work directly with the government alcohol beverage commissions in Mexico including CRT (Tequila regulative council) it is these close relationships and our intimate knowledge of the Universe of Tequila that makes Tequila Trade unique amongst brokers and more successful in working with distributors and agencies to get more product sold and very important with our on-time compromise

logistics Tequila Trade provides worldwide delivery and comprehensive tracking of shipments.

variety our complete Tequila portfolio includes from artisanal 100% supreme pure agave to the mixed Tequilas, giving you a complete selection of Tequilas.

We value providing our customers a high degree of customer service and satisfaction. If in any way we can help your business succeed, please contact us.


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