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Private Labeling Services  

Let The Experts In Private Labeled Tequila Manufacture And Manage Your Brand

The process is simple. Casa Aceves can create an exclusive custom tequila profile or also has all range of high-quality Tequila ready to market. Simply choose the products you'd like to offer and Casa Aceves will manufacture and bottle them under your company's own name brand.
We'll create distinctive label for your products, and provide the support you need to make your product a success.

Why You Should Consider Private Labeling

  • Compete More Effectively
  • Better Value Gives You A Competitive Edge
  • Create Customer Awareness & Loyalty

Private Labeling Is Easy & Cost Effective...
Get All The Details Now
Creating private label products may seem like an expensive and time-consuming process. But this is not the case. Once you decide on a product, Casa Aceves can help you to design your product:

  1. Choosing the Tequila – All types of Tequila. White, Aged, Extra Aged, Gold and 100%. We can arrange a special tasting.
  2. Choosing the bottle and Cork - Many sizes, colors, styles to choose from, industrial and crafted. Custom made (It is needed a mold)
    Cork: synthetic cork, screw top, wood, glass, etc.
  3. Designing the label - Design your own or let us do it for you.
    We cannot deliver the bottles without labels.

IMPORTANT: The brand to be bottled must be registered. If you haven’t your register yet, we can support with all the needed paperwork.

Your product can be shipped in a few weeks and it is not necessary to order in large quantities. The process is easy and does not require a huge initial investment.

Take the first step in bringing your own private label product to market. Call us or email us to learn more about creating your own private label products with the help of Casa Aceves.



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