Tequila 51/49 or 100% Pure Agave bottled at 40°/38° alc. vol.

  • Bottled tequila 51/49 or 100% pure agave 40°/38° Alc Vol.
  • Produced and bottled in the area that has been classified as the denomination of origin in Mexico.
  • F.O.B. Arandas, Jalisco, México.
  • Chromatographic analyses are available.
  • Online Samples ordering.
  • Our product includes the following documents:
      1. Certificate of Origin
      2. Certificate of Quality
      3. Certificate of Free Sell(if is required)
      4. Export Certificate
      5. Analysis

Terms of Payment:
Credit letter or electronic bank transfer.

The Advantages of bottling tequila at origin

The consumer can rest assured that bottling of the product was supervised by the corresponding authorities in the tequila’s zone of origin(CRT), thus ensuring the quality of the product and guaranteeing that it cannot be altered abroad. Authorities in many countries that import bulk tequila do not apply the careful bottling procedures required by the Mexican Official Norm to maintain the quality of the product.

Our production network allows us to work with a greater bottling capacity and we are preparing to comply with the proposed reform to the law that will make it mandatory for all tequila to be bottled at origin. This is currently only required for 100% pure Agave tequila and optional for all other tequilas.


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