natural process


We are one of the top five tequila production plants that have a greater bottling capacity and are preparing to comply with the proposed reform to the law that will make it mandatory for all tequila to be bottled at origin. This is currently only required for 100% pure Agave tequila and optional for all other tequilas.

100% natural process
We use totally natural processes to produce our tequila and thus do not use any type of accelerator to reduce the time of fermentation. The sufficiency of our capacity allows us to work within the natural fermentation time frames and not use chemical accelerators.

We cultivate our own agave yeast in our lab.

environmental impact
We have implemented the cleaner production program that serves to guarantee a reduction in pollution levels and environmental risks and is also a sound business proposal. The efficient use of materials and optimal processes generate less waste and reduce our operating costs.

The implementation of this plan led us to open a plant to treat the polluting distillation residues that basically contain solids (organic materials and salts) and water known as vinazas (residue in the dregs) and is an important pollutant, both in terms of volume (one liter of tequila produces seven to 11 liters of vinaza) and organic load (up to 60,000 ppm of DQO) and a pH level below four.

Because our intelligence, our culture and our technology have allowed us to dominate nature, we are also able to use these same capacities to impose self-regulations and self-limitations. This is our greatest challenge. We’ve become incredibly successful as a technological species. Our survival now depends on our capacity to become an ecological species and take our proper place in the economy of nature.





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